India, the land of culture and celebrations is all set to welcome another festival with majestic grandeur and that is none other than Ganesh Chaturthi. This festival brings a lot of joy, lights and colours. One can hear the echo of spiritual hymns all along the streets. Ten days of celebrations and being a host to the lord of success.


It is obvious that such a large-scale festival requires a lot of prior preparations, well, for this year the preparations are in full swing already. Since it is the worship of an idol the utmost important aspect is creating this idol. The love for this festival lies in the hearts of many irrespective of religious differences, and thus while walking on the streets of Mumbai you can come across a number of idol making workshops. Let me confess, it is not a pleasant site though.


I have been visiting these workshops for a few years now and my first impression was not a very good one. How could it be? Since I saw a very different aspect of life: “MAN CREATING GOD”, it shattered my conventional belief of: “LORD THE CREATOR OF EVERY BEING”. This was the first time ever that I saw hay and plaster being stuffed into moulds to create GOD.


When these moulds are popped open the defects are covered with a paste of hay and plaster. Followed by painting of the idol which gives it a beautiful look that mesmerizes the worshippers (me being one of them). No matter what I see every year, I still love the final product and go into a state of trance and oneness with God, tears rolling down my cheeks while I stand in front of that majestic idol, making me feel like a helpless little being in need of HIS LOVE AND SHELTER.


With each passing year these workshops started making sense. There was a time when I stood amidst these huge unfinished idols in the process of being made, staring at the holes the sculptor was trying to cover up and dozens of men at work either making the paste, or painting or filling up moulds. This is when I realized that man is not the creator, he is struggling with so many tasks and requires the assistance of so many other people to create one idol but God created all of us effortlessly and is still doing His duty amazingly well.

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God breathed life into man, He moulded us into different beings each with unique qualities and traits. HE IS THE CREATOR OF MANKIND. Thus what struck me was that, creation of idols does not mean creating God but it is a way of telling God that we are nothing without Him. It is a manner in which man thanks God and conveys the message of how much we love Him and are grateful to Him for everything.


Yes, the idea of immersing the idols into the water bodies is a controversy, (though its roots lie in history), also the festival is being commercialized by a few, and it is absolutely sad to see all this. But as far as the idea of creation is concerned, no matter how hard we try our creation is always causing harm to God’s creations thus we are the destructors. It is always He who is our creator.



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