His heart skipped a beat,

When he glanced at her pretty face.

Oh she was so neat,

He couldn’t stop but smile with grace.

When she looked back at him,

It gave him thrilling chills.

Reminded him of the time,

He spent paying her bills.

Making him nostalgic with her command,

Her shrill voice travelled across the room,

And arrived a man who held her hand,

As if he had been doomed.

With an even bigger smile,

And sparkle in his eyes,

He watched them move out for a while.

This led him to give a victorious cry,

“Thank God this hideous creature is no more mine.”

                                                             – Delzin V.Dastoor




1334096594_Father and daughter


She cried when she fell,

He asked her not to swell.

She turned to him when helpless,

All he said was ‘Fight your own battles’.

She walked towards him for advice,

He spoke, but little, in a stern voice.

So, she believed he knew nothing,

Soon she managed without bothering him.

She flew so high, he went out of sight,

Her troubles grew, she wondered why.

She looked for him everywhere,

His stern voice was what she needed to go back up there.

Her soul filled with regret, she realized,

He was her strength, he was her friend,

He was all she needed then.

Who else could love and protect her so silently,

No one except her dearest Daddy.

                                                         – Delzin V. Dastoor




She lay on her bed on a lazy afternoon playing on her smart phone, when suddenly her mother entered the room shouting, “Liza this is not done, you are wasting your summer break doing nothing. Don’t you have any interest in life, other than fidgeting with these idiot boxes? See how talented the other kids are, they have it all figured out. YOU ARE USELESS.” Liza was used to this everyday nagging, this time again it didn’t make any difference to her, until she heard the words “YOU ARE USELESS” this somehow hit her. Liza was very uncomfortable that evening, she was bored, her mother was not wrong when she called her useless. She started some self-reflection tasks to discover her interests, all she could think of were games on her phone and high scores. Liza didn’t bother much, she put on her headphones and dozed off.

The next morning to everyone’s surprise Liza declared, “I want to learn the guitar.” Her mother asked in a confused tone, “The real musical instrument guitar?” Liza replied confidently “Yes. But why is it so hard to believe?” Her mother with a proud smile on her face exclaimed, “Then what are you wasting time for? Let’s search for a good music class and get you going.” Liza’s parents supported her without questioning about how, where and why did she get the idea of playing the guitar. Liza was lucky they didn’t question her because she herself was clueless about that.

It was her first day at the music school she was experiencing a mixed set of emotions, she joined the circle of students attempting to play the guitar, she was welcomed by the guitar teacher and this made her feel a little comfortable. He explained her the basics and handed her the guitar, this was the first time ever she held an instrument. She experienced a rush in her body, it somehow felt great. She felt as if she had the skills all she needed to do was brush up her talent. She skipped a heartbeat when she strummed her guitar strings for the first time. It made her feel alive. She finally had developed some interest and it felt just so right.

In no time she was able to play some amazing melodies, not a note she missed, her sir was surprised at her talent. He told her, “It is very rare that a girl would pick up the skills so soon, with such amazing perfection.” this sounded offensive at first but Liza still felt proud that she was one of a kind.

Liza showed-off her talent at home on her first very own special wooden acoustic guitar, she felt like a star in her family, everyone wondered about her inclination towards music, since no one in her family ever played any instrument though they were all fond of music. Liza also wondered about the same, finally, reaching to a conclusion that she was the first one in the family setting this legacy.

One session, when her sir was late for class, Liza couldn’t stop herself from being inquisitive, so she sat in his place and pretended to play his harmonium, and to her surprise she was able to play almost everything. Her friends admired her and requested her to try out a few songs and she hit the right notes so gracefully as if she was the master of that instrument and it would play every melody on her command.

Liza felt nostalgic while she stared at the black and white keys of the harmonium it reminded her of Sunday mornings as a kid. Every Sunday morning she used to wake up with a smile to the sound of old classics her father used to play in the cassette player. She joined him in humming the tunes. She was awestruck when he would play the exact melody on his mouth organ, it made her look up to him, the music he played, and the tunes he hummed made her perfect Sundays.

Tears rolled down her cheeks because gone were those days, and how she missed them. Liza realized she was not the first one to set the legacy, her father was. He had passed it on to her unknowingly. All she had to do was look deep within herself and seek for that gift. She had reflected through music, sub-consciously, as she slept that night before announcing her guitar interest. She had dreamt of nothing but The Gift Of Music being handed over to her by her father wrapped in love and affection and blessings to help her succeed.