India, the land of culture and celebrations is all set to welcome another festival with majestic grandeur and that is none other than Ganesh Chaturthi. This festival brings a lot of joy, lights and colours. One can hear the echo of spiritual hymns all along the streets. Ten days of celebrations and being a host to the lord of success.


It is obvious that such a large-scale festival requires a lot of prior preparations, well, for this year the preparations are in full swing already. Since it is the worship of an idol the utmost important aspect is creating this idol. The love for this festival lies in the hearts of many irrespective of religious differences, and thus while walking on the streets of Mumbai you can come across a number of idol making workshops. Let me confess, it is not a pleasant site though.


I have been visiting these workshops for a few years now and my first impression was not a very good one. How could it be? Since I saw a very different aspect of life: “MAN CREATING GOD”, it shattered my conventional belief of: “LORD THE CREATOR OF EVERY BEING”. This was the first time ever that I saw hay and plaster being stuffed into moulds to create GOD.


When these moulds are popped open the defects are covered with a paste of hay and plaster. Followed by painting of the idol which gives it a beautiful look that mesmerizes the worshippers (me being one of them). No matter what I see every year, I still love the final product and go into a state of trance and oneness with God, tears rolling down my cheeks while I stand in front of that majestic idol, making me feel like a helpless little being in need of HIS LOVE AND SHELTER.


With each passing year these workshops started making sense. There was a time when I stood amidst these huge unfinished idols in the process of being made, staring at the holes the sculptor was trying to cover up and dozens of men at work either making the paste, or painting or filling up moulds. This is when I realized that man is not the creator, he is struggling with so many tasks and requires the assistance of so many other people to create one idol but God created all of us effortlessly and is still doing His duty amazingly well.

DSC_0064        DSC_0055                         DSC_0043

God breathed life into man, He moulded us into different beings each with unique qualities and traits. HE IS THE CREATOR OF MANKIND. Thus what struck me was that, creation of idols does not mean creating God but it is a way of telling God that we are nothing without Him. It is a manner in which man thanks God and conveys the message of how much we love Him and are grateful to Him for everything.


Yes, the idea of immersing the idols into the water bodies is a controversy, (though its roots lie in history), also the festival is being commercialized by a few, and it is absolutely sad to see all this. But as far as the idea of creation is concerned, no matter how hard we try our creation is always causing harm to God’s creations thus we are the destructors. It is always He who is our creator.



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His heart skipped a beat,

When he glanced at her pretty face.

Oh she was so neat,

He couldn’t stop but smile with grace.

When she looked back at him,

It gave him thrilling chills.

Reminded him of the time,

He spent paying her bills.

Making him nostalgic with her command,

Her shrill voice travelled across the room,

And arrived a man who held her hand,

As if he had been doomed.

With an even bigger smile,

And sparkle in his eyes,

He watched them move out for a while.

This led him to give a victorious cry,

“Thank God this hideous creature is no more mine.”

                                                             – Delzin V.Dastoor




Yes, India is a developing country ever since I’ve known and why won’t it be, while the others are busy being over developed, we are thinking like cave men. The reason for this is ‘THE BIG BAN THEORY’ discovered by the Indian government. So let’s look at how this trend of BAN works:



To start with it was a simple ban on Maggi, the issue being excess led content. This was a health concern thus supported by the citizens of a democratic country    .


A woman worships a cow as Indian Hindus offer prayers to the River Ganges, holy to them during the Ganga Dussehra festival in Allahabad, India, Sunday, June 8, 2014. Allahabad on the confluence of rivers the Ganges and the Yamuna is one of Hinduism’s holiest centers. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

Soon the BAN fever took over beef, and this because of reasons unfathomable. Thus, giving rise to THE BAN (D) WAGON EFFECT in a so called democratic and secular country with no dominant religious parties.



One ban after another and there’s no stopping to the ban(d)wagon effect, be it porn, public display of affection, AIB roast, or whatever they think isn’t appropriate. To be developed we cannot have sex or release sexual desires in isolation or laugh at a few celebrities who are ready to get mocked publicly. Though the scientific reasons behind releasing sexual tension in isolation or with consent are healthy ones and as far as laughter is concerned it’s a known universal fact that it’s the best medicine. Emphasizing a ban on this makes it sound more dirty and obscene than it actually is. Development: India is doing it right or so they think.



Hell yeah, now that is the reason why we shall never develop. Just because a few people are technologically challenged in the technically advanced world we ban the most necessary tools with reasons like it’s a foreign domain and all that crap. So why isn’t there yet any national tool for the same which is easy and convenient to use and above all functions well FOREVER without crashing. Just an opinion let this be only within the four walls of your own offices.


 The following are the anti-bans, wonder when will there be a ban on:



Everything has an increased monetary value (except our earnings) due to unnecessary payment in the holy name of TAX. Thus increasing poverty and hindering the development of our country.



If Maggi is banned for health reasons then  take a look at this one, isn’t this the smell of India.



Just something to reflect upon, India is a secular country with no dominant religion. Cow is holy but chicken is not so let’s eat everything except cow. And if the reason is animal rights then please pick up a grade 5 text book and study the food chain in detail. BTW food chain is natural made by GOD, that’s how the world is supposed to function.

ANTI-BAN THEORY 4: POLITICIANS TRAVELLING ABROAD (to build so called foreign relations):


If we are building foreign relations then why are we busy banning foreign tools and development strategies? Thorough reflection and action required on this one.


All the ANTI BANS are causing trouble to the common man, rather than those included in the BIG BAN. None of this reflects that India is a SovereignSocialistSecularDemocratic or a Republic country. Please revise the theory.

Countries have developed to an extent where even LGBT rights have been approved, this makes me happy but yet sad that my country is still in a sorry state. Yes, we wish to be free with our sexuality, we watch porn but are pure at heart, we display affection in public and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you can’t take the appropriate action then do not take any action. Ban this trend of imposing BANs and look into the various other things that you have been appointed for.

Create a BIG BANG that the world will remember us for as opposed to THE BIG BAN that makes the world laugh upon us.



Many relationships end today, be it a strong bond between two friends, lovers, siblings and even strangers at times because of harsh words and lack of respect and appreciation. We have all been victims of similar incidents at some point of our lives.

It has been long since human beings have used sweet words genuinely to solve grave problems. The only thing we do is abuse, curse, and blame the opponent. So many harsh words and bitter feelings either on the face or silently tends to kill the divine soul of an individual. No one is born to be so rude and fake instead we tend to develop these unpleasant traits as we grow up. The words ‘grow up’ are scary indeed. I feel ashamed to confess but one of my 9 year old student made me realize this horrifying fact.

Four students barged open the faculty lounge door and ran towards me with a serious piece of information (according to them a scary one) that Yanat was punished by the vernacular subject teacher and sent down to the principal’s cabin. I went up to inquire about the same and found out that as always he was being inattentive and disturbing the entire class. But I never thought Yanat was inattentive as such because he always had an amazing bank of knowledge which he liked to share with the class, unfortunately this was interpreted by some teacher’s as being inattentive and naughty.

Immediately after this incident the bell had gone and it was time for their break. I felt bad for little Yanat, always full of life and made you forget all your worries with his buck tooth notorious smile and far-fetched talks. My lecture was about to begin, just when my class went in an uproar and started shouting out, “Yanat, Yanat, Yanat” with excitement. Yes, that little one had entered class, I was shocked too. Usually when in the principal’s cabin, a child spends a good one hour doing some task allotted to him/her, but Yanat was back in 15 mins. This was the conversation that followed his glamorous celebrity entry:

Me: Yanat did you run out of Ma’am’s cabin in her absence?

Yanat: No, Miss.

Me: Did you lie to her about completing your work?

Yanat: No, miss.

Me: Did you trouble her so much that she had to get rid of you?

Yanat: No Miss.

(The entire class by now was laughing their lungs out.)

Me: Then how is it that you are back so soon?

Yanat: She asked me to go back because I had served my term of punishment.                               

Me: Yanat what happened exactly.

I could never imagine what he was about to say. But yes I knew I am going to learn something new and interesting once again.

Yanat: I was doing my work and just then I noticed the beauty of Ma’am’s cabin such amazing paintings and wind chimes all made by students, I couldn’t help it but praise it out loud, so she smiled at me and we started discussing about her students who gave her all of this. I also told her that I am lucky to have a principal like her, and that how much all of us love her. That’s it. I didn’t have to do anything else, she asked me to be a good boy and sent me up to class with a smile. Yes, on my way back I apologized Ms. Dixit for troubling her and gave her my hand made sorry note. Here, miss, I have one for you too.

(He handed me a sweet little note which said sorry and a cute little face sketched next to it.)


That’s when I realized sweet words have been long forgotten, appreciation is covered with the EGO blanket, and we have nothing to give except criticism. But these children have only love to give, their soul is pure and love laden. We were those little ones too, but now what? Jealousy, hatred, anger, spite and only ill feelings for each other, even if a good deed is committed (by mistake) there is a selfish motive hidden behind. Pure love is lost, the pure soul is destroyed. Loving is not difficult just be kind without any other evil intention in mind and the world will be a better place to live in. Yanat’s punishment taught all of us a lesson, a lesson that we intentionally ignore, a lesson that was once our natural trait.