Five years back on a very casual evening when everything was on schedule,  I got a call from my student asking me to cancel her guitar session for the day since she had got a new puppy and all her friends had come over to meet the new-born member of their family. This news that was shared with me,  got a smile on my face it sounded cute, but for some odd reason made me feel extremely excited from within. Since I was free that evening I spent a little extra time with my sweetheart (this seemed to explain me the feelings I experienced a few hours  ago), thanks to the little pup.

The following evening when I entered her house, I was welcomed by the tiny ball of fur.  He was so adorable, I couldn’t stop smiling at him. His eyes caught my attention, they seemed to be smiling back at me. Something convinced me that he wasn’t a stranger. We made ourselves comfortable on the lovely terrace under the spotlight of the moon with stars looking down at us awaiting to hear our melodies. The strings of our guitars played a few rhythms and with every note of music, came forward Rex (the tiny Lab pup). I seemed to be casting a spell on him with the music I played. Within no time he rested his tiny self on my lap and shut his eyes as if relaxing on an oasis of serenity.

 Late that night I got a call from my student, she sounded hysterical. She was in need of a vet, because our little Rex was unable to breathe and had become very weak. I couldn’t do much to help them out, I felt sorry for the pup.And the very next thing I know is, the family planning to give that puppy away since they believed they couldn’t take care of it. I spoke about it to my aunt and her minimal nod was something that I held onto firmly and got little REX home. My family questioned me if we would be able to do justice to the dog, but I guess I was too stubborn to give up. I first convinced my cousin sister and her support was more than enough to take care of Rex.

 Since then there was no looking back, Rex was everybody’s favourite. Each and everyone in my family treated him like a baby and yes that is what he is, even now, for all of us. We soon became open to the world of dogs and, Oh, what a feeling it is! The most adorable animal: a friend to all, a protector, a guardian. I realized he was so much better than other human beings I had known and trusted. He helped me unravel the true meaning of the terms, loyal and faithful.

He has marked our lives with a streak of sublime experiences. The moment we enter  the house his warm, slurpy welcome is enough to relieve us of the stress and worries that we have had throughout the day. He wags his tail out of excitement as if telling us,  “Where were you? I have been waiting for you all day long.”, ” Do you know how much I missed you? Now come on drop your bags and play with me, you are my only friend.”

At times he even looks away out of anger. He is happy when we are happy, upset when we are sad. He expresses so many emotions, sometimes overwhelming and confusing. It’s not just Rex but it’s every dog that you come across. They are a dose of happiness in our traumatic, chaotic and unpredictable life.

But the so-called ‘civilized species’ created by God are at times so destructive. My heart cries when I hear of dog abuses, dogs giving up due to starvation and stray dogs being run over. This makes me wonder if these people have a heart. The latest thing I hear is dogs being boiled alive for human survival. How are human beings going to be happy if they kill this little fur of happiness? If they are the reason for our happiness don’t they deserve happiness too. It’s a call for humanity this time. Are we human enough?

Rex came to me as an angel sent from above, I never thought of having a pet but now I realize that even they need a home, some love and affection just like human beings. We are greedy for that love and so are they. Rex spreads happiness in every corner of our house and every corner of our hearts. I can never imagine my life without him. I am thankful to God for gifting us Rex, he has made our lives worth living. He is the reason for our happiness and since happiness is the key to life I am glad I have found my key. What About You?



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