I am a little lost in this new world that I have come across. As a child I remember the world being so different building forts, climbing trees, family gatherings, my view of this world was quite different. The world seemed to be a perfect place. For me my world was my family.

       As I grew a little older I stepped out to an extended world, I met different people with different perspectives, varied lifestyles, unique personalities. More than my family it was this world that started having an influence on me, my thoughts and my way of life. Wait what was happening to me??? Was it just me? was I the only victim of this ramification?. To my surprise all my questions were answered by the curves that life threw onto me from time to time, and the answers were scary. I was not alone, everyone I knew was under this influence, my family, friends, acquaintances and all of you.

       I guess life is such, its fun at times, boring too, frightening and also annoying. So much to learn from everyone and everywhere. Yes, I am a little lost once again because I have decided to be a part of this clique whether out of influence or choice I am not aware, but it’s new and exciting and I am taking it up as a blogger, not to influence but to share and learn with an amazing bunch of enthusiasts.